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Think for a moment:

What would you like to be excellent at?
Is there some thing you have always wanted to do?
What would you like to change or do?


Do you ever make excuses for not doing something?



What Is Coaching?


It is the single most powerful method for releasing individual human potential!




Would you like to walk away from a meeting, motivated, enthused, focused and excited about your future?


If you have never tried coaching, what have you to lose? Just think what you could gain!


Try it now. Its your future & it can start right now!


How often do you look, review and plan for the most important element of your life -YOU!


  • Where are you now - Is this where you want to be?
  • Where do you want to be - identify ambitions& goals?
  • How do you want your future to be?
  • How can you improve your skills & learn new ones?

Are you Making the most of your life?


Clients often find they have more control and potential than they ever thought possible. You can progress to improving various aspects of your life and reaching all sorts of goals.


Quiet simply there are many benefits you can experience from coaching,including


  • Boosting confidence
  • Achieving goals
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Overcoming upset, (life isn't always easy or fair)
  • Stop bullying
  • Better health
  • Weight loss
  • Change habits
  • Develop good habits
  • Developing better & more successful relationships with family, friends, partners, work colleagues etc
  • Having a team mate to discuss & brain storm on all sorts of areas
  • Having a kind of best friend that can nag you into doing what you want to do but need nagging to do it!
  • Have a higher opinion of myself
  • Being able to make decisions

Would you like to be more effective?


There is no such thing as the perfect person, we can all improve. We never stop learning and can all do so much more. To start you have to want to make a change (even if you are not quite sure what that change is). We are all different, but one thing we share is that we all have untapped potential.

Prominent/famous people achieve things you would never think to have a go at? Then they go on to do something more-maybe bigger and better! Richard Branson, Bob Geldoff, Helen Mc Carthy to name a few. They have done great things – so can you if you really want to!


Coaching can show you how and lead you to achieving your dreams


Everyone should have a coach-it makes sense, just like having a doctor, making contact when there is need. It doesn't’t have to be when there is a problem, it can be simply to explore your future, plan how to make ideas come to be reality, understand the unexpected life situations that may throw your life out of balance & cause you problems. Contacting your coach periodically can make sure you are on target with your plans. Life moves so fast plans can get left behind. For example how many times have you heard people making New Years resolutions & continually fail to keep them? Your coach can help you keep to the resolutions and plan/achieve even more.


Coaching results can be quite dynamic, empowering clients to lead happier more fulfilling lives.



How does coaching take place?

Individual sessions either by phone or on a one to one basis, can identify areas to be worked on and quickly make progress towards the client’s goals. Many prominent figures use coaches for many differing reasons, keeping them at the top of their profession and maintaining their life balance. Sometimes only a little coaching is needed to give an initial boost or to refer back to when life throws unexpected “challenges” which can cause upset, fear, distraction and stress.


Making contact with the coach is easier than you imagine, even if you don’t know what you want, they will help structure your progress from the start-that is what they do, so don’t be shy, frightened or put off, do it now! You will be guided to fulfilling your potential.




Latest News

New dates announced for AMF workshops



Would you like confidence to be an effortless habit?

is so important, affecting every day of our life's - so we have developed 2 workshops with a third in progress, to give the clients the power to manage long lasting confidence with fun along the way!



Coming Soon...


"Stop Being Single"

and self development programs!




Who taught you how to communicate?

How do you know you are doing it right? Would you like to have harmonious, rewarding, productive relationships? Make rows, ill feeling, misunderstandings a thing of the past





Do You Want to Live Life as Long as You Can?

The Health, Fitness & Wellbeing workshops will give you a valuable foundation to correct patterns of nutrition, exercise& lifestyle to suit your life!




The Dreaded interview!

Can turn directors, managers, in fact all interviewees into shaking, mind blanking nervous wrecks!

It doesn't have to be like that...




Strangers are friends you haven't met yet!

When there is a fear of talking to new people success is limited and the thought of networking brings a feeling of dread that doesn't have to be...





It is our goal that clients achieve their ambitions/goals and be the best, most confident, happiest people they can be & often, through personal development become their own coach.











There are too many single people out there!


Being single does have many benefits but it can't beat the feeling of being in a good , loving, supporting productive relationship - it really can't


For many reasons such as

  • Disappointment
  • Bad experiences
  • Fear of being hurt
  • Damaged confidence
  • Low self esteem
  • Scared of dating
  • Petrified of speed-dating
  • Loss of faith that they can be in good relationships
  • Not knowing where to start

Single people do little, nothing or continually make mistakes and so stay single - but that doesn't have to be!


Through her own experience Maureen Fearon has designed a series of workshops to help single people begin their journey to success with a partner that will make them happy


It goes deeper than just dating. dating is is one stop on the path to finding that special someone.


The workshops will look at building foundations, understanding how best to communicate and confidently deal with the various stages of relationships (how to handle rejection & how to reject without damaging) and making the whole experience something to be enjoyed. Your happiness is precious.


A wise old lady once said "there's a lid for every teapot" With AMF lets start the journey to find your most suitable lid!



Our one to one sessions are conducted in relaxed, informal surroundings to suit the client.


I used to be scared of difficult people, now I understand more, can talk to them and somehow they don’t seem so difficult or to bother me like they use to. This may not seem like a big deal but it has made a great difference in my job & my personal life.

Julie of Manchester


Our Consultants are all trained to industry standards



Walking into a room full of strangers use to fill me with dread & it was part of my job to make conversation with new people. I was uneasy to start with but after working with my coach I can now make conversation with anyone and I was surprised at how little coaching I needed.


John of Cheadle

Our services have a very high rate of success


My wife suggested coaching to help with my interview technique for a forthcoming promotion interview.

I not only learned how best to present myself during the interview, but learned , useful, interesting information & techniques which I now use in managing staff & in my personal life (of course I got the job after enjoying the interview!)


A Cheshire Director



With a coach you become part of a dynamic team. A team that will work with you to achieve all the things you have ever –


• Wanted to do
• Set out to do,
• Have been prevented from doing in the past
• New things you haven’t even thought of doing yet!

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